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About Us

Tuned-In Web Design is Steve Wehr. I've been developing websites since 1997 when the internet was in its infancy. Tuned-In started as a part-time avocation with two IBM software engineers. Because of demand and a natural progression in our professional lives, it has since grown into a full-time endeavor with a portfolio of well over 100 websites designed, hosted and maintained.

Steve Wehr Hudson Valley web design and custom programming. Hyde Park, Kingston, Woodstock, Red Hook, Rhinebeck, Catskill. Ulster, Dutchess, Green. Steve Wehr has a B.S. in Computer Science from SUNY Oswego, and spent his entire professional career with IBM. For 20 years Steve was a software engineer and designer, working on mainframe operating systems. Then 13 years consulting with customers about Linux on the mainframe and consulting for the retail industry. For his final 3 years at IBM he lead the mainframe division's mobile strategy and architecture.

Steve is obsessed with technolgy, scuba diving in the most exotic locations he can find, and home renovation.

Our skills and experience have grown with the evolution of the Internet and we understand its nuances and can separate the hype from the true value. People are often surprised to find we develop most of the code for our sites by hand rather than rely on website development applications. This gives us the control and flexibility to develop websites that fit our customers needs exactly. This is why our websites do not look like they have come out of a website cookie cutter and why those who expect their website to do what they need come to us.

This is not just a business for us, we truly enjoy both the technical and artistic challenges and the satisfaction of working with people and helping them to accomplish their goals.

In my career with IBM, we developed a great deal of experience approaching and solving both technical and business problems logically and efficiently. Today, one of our most appreciated traits is that we do not just sit back and wait to be told what to do, we pro-actively work with our customers to understand their needs and help them solve their problems using the full potential of the internet.

We look forward to discussing your website needs. We offer free design consultations and very reasonable rates. We like to think that we offer New York City services at Hudson Valley prices.

Our Philosophy and Approach

We are a Pro-Active Extension of Your Team
Our clients often consider us a valuable extension of their team. You hire us because we have the website and Internet expertise you do not. We do our best to understand your needs and help you figure out the best, most cost-effective way to accomplish your internet goals. Just as a good doctor would not perform a procedure without knowing it was medically required and the best procedure for your condition, we are not content and not comfortable simply implementing a website for you without knowing that it is the right website for you.

We often find that we can apply our general business systems experience and our knowledge of the internet and computer automated processing to help you refine your approach and implement the best solution.

Custom Design
Many of the people who visit your website will stay only a few seconds before deciding whether to stay or leave. In those few seconds the impression they get is crucial. Can they understand what this site is about, who you are, what you are offering? We believe that these first few seconds of every website visit are critical to your success, and will design a site that conveys the message of the site clearly and simply

Like the best furniture makers, we take pride in hand-crafting your website rather than assembling it from off-the-shelf components. We design each website from scratch without being governed by the constraints of website development applications. This frees us up when designing your site to focus first on what is the best design for your needs rather than start with what are the limits of what we can do. And it challenges us to constantly push our creativity to make each site unique.

We can do this because we have an affinity for programming and the professional experience and history with website design to work at the nuts and bolts level. Equally important, we do this because we are motivated by the challenge of producing a quality product rather than cranking out a higher quantity of websites.

Form without Sacrificing Function
We would like to say "function above form", but that creates the impression that the look of your website can be sacrificed. The look of your website is very important. But, a website that simply looks good but is hard to navigate or makes it difficult for your visitors to complete the purpose of their visit will not help you accomplish your goals and it will not encourage repeat visits. We will never recommend a visual design point for your site that compromises the function and usability of your site.

We are your Local Web Consultants
Even though we might do business completely by phone or email, it's still nice to work with someone local. I've lived in the Hudson Valley all my life and know our region well. I'm always available to take your call or answer your email. Whether you live in Woodstock, Kingston, Rhinebeck, Red Hook, Poughkeepsie, Accord, or anywhere in the Hudson Valley region of New York State, we've built a website for someone near you.